Happily Home-owning

Decorating a home can be a daunting task to the majority of people in this world. Decorating on a budget while also creating the home of your dreams is even more difficult. My name is Hannah and my hope for this blog is to encourage you in your home designing journey as I expose the good and the bad (and some ugly) of my own home.


My husband and I recently bought a house in a small northwest Indiana town that has stolen our hearts. We are looking forward to making this house a home and creating an environment that fits our design aesthetic and is functional for our family needs. I have a passion for interior decorating, DIY projects and beautiful home design. I have to admit, that before officially owning this home, I had every room planned out from top to bottom, down to the artwork and furniture. All too often when I overplan, it never seems to go my way. And God looked down on me and laughed at my over planning because we almost didn’t even get this house! Thankfully in the end we did, but that is a story for another time.

I cannot say how ecstatic I am to be a homeowner with my husband and our goofy dog. With this excitement, also comes an immense responsibility. A responsibility to not only take care of what we have been blessed with, but also to be good stewards of our money (because honestly, it is taking everything in me to not go blow $$$ at at my favorite decorating stores right now). Homeownership is a big responsibility and I do not want to take that lightly. I will be blogging about the different ways we are saving money decorating our home and making the most of what we already have. I do not want to be wasteful, and I like to use what I have before thinking of buying something. There are so many ways to add character to your home, and I hope I can inspire you to make the most of your money, time and living spaces.





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  1. Love it Han! 💕 So happy for you new homeowners!


  2. Cute blog Hannah, I look forward to seeing more😊


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