Lemony Fresh: DIY Tub Scrub

My husband and I have been living in our townhouse for a little over 4 months together now. While we have both thoroughly enjoyed each others company day-to-day, one HUGE perk of the townhouse is that we have not had to share a bathroom (praise the Lord!).  Unfortunately for him, his shower has a mold issue.  No matter how much we clean and scrub his shower, the mold continues to grow. His shower needed a deep clean plus some, so this past saturday was the day get down and dirty. Even though this was not what I had planned to do on my Saturday afternoon, I happily obliged considering the husband did save our home from an overflowing toilet earlier that day (thanks to me, whoops!), I decided it would be nice for me to clean his shower like it has never been cleaned before!

I began my search for a cleaner to scrub his tub out and I found a ton of choices! Our home is filled with bottles upon bottles of chemical-filled cleaning products. I am not saying that these are bad, but I would like the our home to stray away from these as MUCH as possible. Wearing rubber gloves and a facemask while I clean our home is not my cup of tea. So I took to the books and Pinterest! I found so many amazing recipes from this great book I received as a wedding shower gift. I found the recipe I needed and got cooking!
Thankfully for this recipe, you really don’t need to cook anything, you just have to combine everything together.
Lemony Tub Scrub:
1 part Lemon Juice
3 parts salt
That’s it! I made 1 cup of the mixture (1/4 cup lemon and 3/4 cup salt)
To use: stir the mixture together thoroughly.  It should be the consistency of a salt scrub, with a little lemon juice sitting on top.  Head to your bathroom with the mixture in hand and grab a heavy duty scrub brush on your way.  Close the drain and pour your mixture on the floor of the tub.  Take your scrub brush and start going to town.  I scrubbed for a solid 10 minutes and was amazed at all the gunk this scrub picked up.  After I scrubbed, I then sprayed the entire shower down with my homemade all-purpose cleaner (vinegar and EO’s, recipe to come). This helped lift any remaining gunk and cleaned the soap scum better than any store bought chemical cleaner I ever used! Yay! Clean shower! My husband was very thankful and now I don’t feel guilty about the toilet…
God doesn’t call us to have perfect pristine homes. He calls us to be good stewards of what he has given us.  So…go clean you tubs and thank God that you are able to clean a tub! Then take a bath, because you deserve it!


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