Here We Go!

Hello, Hannah here! Welcome to The Green Darling. I am a dumpster diving, truth seeking, do-it yourself kind of gal looking to make the most out of what God has blessed me with. I enjoy creating homey spaces, painting and reimagining furniture, cooking, and hanging with my handsome husband and our adorable pup.
My hope for this blog is that you will find simple ways to make the most of what God has given, find inspiration for your home and live your life thankful and content with where you are.
I will be sharing DIY’s, interior design tips (on a budget of course), and a plethora of things that I love.  I love to have FUN and dream of someday making “fun” my career (my husband laughs when I say this, but it’s going to happen!). Speaking of my handsome hubs, we have been happily married for a little over a year. He is my inspiration, solid rock and loves Jesus just as much as I do.  Fortunately for my husband, I have decided to stop binge watching Netflix for hours on end after work in order to start this blogging.  I may never know if Leslie Knopp is able to build her park on the abandoned lot,  but sacrifices had to be made! Here it goes, The Green Darling is up and I cannot wait to share this crazy adventure with you.
Peace and Blessings,

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